Diesel Men's Wittor Jacket

Diesel Men's Wittor Jacket
40% Acrylic/30% Wool/30% Nylon
Dry Clean Only
Zipper pocket on chest
Diesel patch on left arm
Made in China
It was, after much research, men peacoat best I could find on the internet. And by all means the pictures do not lie, it's a great looking jacket with a lot of material between you and the elements. While most people have jumped off the pass, you can use this strap to protect your neck, but the locks are very complex and you need a mirror to correct it. It is lined inside with a silk cloth, as, to my relief, and has an inside pocket on left chest (as much as possible, to find Napoleon). Also, I went against the previous experience with online orders and got a medium instead of a little more, and it's a perfect fit, very close to the body.BUT, why give 3 stars because of an error is very important. A dozen buttons around the coat is very badly stitched jacket and the bother of a large, one time use, I came home and found two of these buttons are missing jacket! Now, with the jacket has three buttons on the exchange of different sizes, and when I got my coat right, I need to re-sew all the other buttons, so it does not disappear as well. It 'ridiculous to think that I need to "finish" coat itself that has the price of this, and when I am ready to forgive the error can enjoy a fantastic jacket, I'm sure that others will not be so patient. Hope this helps!
The two reviewers before me are right, it's a great looking jacket with excellent quality. And I agree that this is by far the best jacket I've seen designed on the net today. It's a bit expensive, but diesel is not known for cheap clothes, so you pay for the best design for a jacket without exception. Do not believe me, go to Neiman Marcus and the website and look for Burberry and Gucci, or compare this againts layer 900 USD + cost of these brands. Also I have to agree with them about how the buttons are sewn, it is very seedy. I suggest the first thing to do is take a needle and sew tightly.This is a great peacoat, if you see a beautiful & designed peacoat, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.
I bought a size 2XL in my local Lord & Taylor and it suits me perfectly (I'm 6'4 "and about 165 pounds to find jackets that fit into both arms and chest is almost impossible). It looks good I feel very warm, and the bolt neck metal is a nice touch. I'm not crazy about the leather strap, but it is somewhat hidden under the collar, so it's not really noticeable unless you use it. I agree with Sean Mackey revision even -. buttons on this jacket are not sewn very well all over I expect to re-attach one or more of them before the spring.

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